ravenchronicles (ravenchronicles) wrote in defiantlyucme,

Racism? Bias? Stereotyping?

I remember walking into a store a while ago and there was something weird. I had always been able to go into stores before and not worry about this weird feeling but this time was different. I was being followed by one of the store keepers....me and my other two friends. My friends are a little on the goth side of the whole thing and we were out shopping for Christmas gifts. I mean we had beem out before but like I said before this time was different. Everywhere we turned there was this lady following us. It was like she had a homing device on us the whole time we were there. It wasn't until I came to the counter to pay for all of the items that I noticed what was going on. I watched her look me up and down before she scanned the items. I don't know whether she was looking at me because of my age and I had so much money but I couldn't stop thinking that the only thing she saw was my skin color and she stereotyped me. I don't know what was going through her mind but that feeling still lingered. There was this weird vibe when my friends paid for their items too. Whatever it was I was never going to go to that store again as I begin walking out of the door. She watched us as we left and she watched us as we turned the corner and walked away from the store. Was this racism? Was it being bias? Was it stereotyping? Because I really don't understand. I thought all of that was long gone but I saw that day that is still exists. How can people be so close-minded and hateful? I don't think I could ever be that way because I grew up with a great variety of people around me my whole life. People are people! We all have red blood and a heart and feeligns. But sometimes I think others are really cold hearted! But I don't hate them and I'm not even angry with them...JUST DISAPPOINTED! So how do you feel about this issue?

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