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Blame yourself!

I was listening to Eminem today...that one song..."What I am" or whatever and I was listening to his lyrics. There was something in there about a kid blowing away all of those bullies in his school that were picking on him. The reason the whole thing was a big deal is because it happened in middle America. But if that same thing were to happen in one of those big city schools in like New York and LA...the whole thing wouldn't be that big of news. It's like they expect people in those areas to just take a gun and blow everyone's head off. People blame a child's choices on the music or the video games....that's a bunch of BULL!! "Where were the parents at?" The words of Eminem! So my question is this: Do you blame the music and games for the way our society is turning out right now? I highly don't think so...you can step out of your door promotes violence. The thoughts in our minds promote violence but how you deal with that is the person's decision. We make our own decisions...not music or movies or games!! Us!
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