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Here's another issue!! What is your insight on UNIONS? For those of you who don't know who I am talking about...it is two people of the same sex getting together in almost a form of a marriage. I want to know how you feel about this issue!Personally, I believe that people should do what they want to. In the Constitution there is a phrase "Pursuit of Happiness" so why is that when people who are different for what they say "ordinary" their happiness doesn't matter. We go through life everyday, some people with their closed-minds. Then to back up their ignorance, people refer to the Bible and say that it is a sin. I don't see being gay as a sin...I mean come on YOU'RE NOT KILLING ANYWAY by wanting to be with someone. And no I am not gay but I highly believe that if everyone should have a pursuit of happiness in this nation...dammit let them. Or maybe you should change the wording "Everyone gets the pursuit of happiness EXCEPT gay people!" But then we would be at war with ourselves once again. This is my perspective...Now what do you think?
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